Maintenance & repairs

Tuning alone will not keep your instrument in a perfect shape. There is more to be done to preserve the (musical) quality of your grand or upright. Regular maintenance also preserves the value of your instrument.

Periodic maintenance can include the following activities, among others:

  • Action regulation;
  • Maintaining the correct friction of all pivot points in the action;
  • Voicing the hammer heads. Voicing is the process of working the hammer heads by means of sanding, pricking (making it softer) or providing it with lacquer (making it harder). This affects the timbre (dull/warm or clear/sharp);
  • Keeping the pedals sound free (no creaking);
  • Interior cleaning of your instrument;
  • Tuning.

Of course, I’m also available for various repairs.

Maintenance and repairs can often be carried out where the instrument is located. Sometimes I take parts to my own workshop (e.g. action or keys).


I perform this work at my applicable hourly rate. Click here for the rates.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us.