Tuning grand and upright piano

Foto: Paula Zimmermann

Piano tuning is a real craft. With attention and craftsmanship I am happy to tune your instrument to a nice and balanced pitch.

regular tuning session is € 107,50 incl BTW. This is the standard periodic tuning session for an instrument that is already on an acceptable pitch.

pitch raise and tuning session is € 160,00 incl BTW (approx. 2 hours work). The basic principle is that an instrument is tuned around 440Hz. A stable tuning can be established for deviations of up to about 1 to 1.5 Hz. If this deviation becomes larger (and that is often the case with instruments that have not been tuned for more than a year), it may be necessary that the instrument first has to be tuned slightly higher. We call this a pitch raise. This will take approximately 45 minutes. Immediately after that the instrument will be fine-tuned. In addition, it may be necessary that a regular tuning session is required shortly after this session.

tuning and voicing session is between € 375,00 and  € 510,00 incl BTW (approx. 6 – 8 hours work). Has your instrument gradually become shrill or loud? Then the hammer felt may have hardened over the years. The flexibility in the hammer head can then often be regained by pricking the felt with needles, which benefits the tone. First the instrument is tuned very fine and then the intonation round follows. With 4 to 6 hours extra work great improvement can already be reached. If, however, there are already significant grooves in the hammer heads, the hammer heads must first be sanded, and in that case your instrument probably also needs more service. Prices are then on request because they depend on the required work.

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I mainly tune by ear, the profession is and remains a craft. But I do allow myself to be supported by an excellent high-quality and professional app. I closely follow technological developments and use those functionalities that have proven themselves worldwide in the field.

Most instruments need to be tuned twice a year to remain balanced and in tune. Our climate plays a major role in this. Changes in humidity in particular are the main cause of detuning.